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Ever wondered why brand design is so important? I’m here to tell ya!

Need a last minute gift idea for your designer bestie? Or maybe just a cheat sheet for this year’s game of White Elephant? Check this creative gift guide out!

Answering one of the most common questions I get, “How do you develop your design style?” with three tips to get you started.

These resources changed my business for the better. We don’t gatekeep around here, so I’m sharing them with you!

Whether you’re a fellow designer looking to refine your process or a client curious to know what it looks like to work with us, we’ve got you. Come see how the magic unfolds!

Lost your passion? Use these tips to fight against your own self-doubt and get the creative energy flowing again.

I’ve gotten my feelings hurt too many times by being ghosted — and I’m sure you have, too. Let’s bond over some poetry, shall we?

To celebrate Studio Alexia’s first birthday, I wanted to share the biggest piece of advice that helped launch my design career. Aspiring creatives, read up!

Fall cleaning? Doing a social media update? Use this checklist next time you refresh your Instagram profile to keep it on-brand.

There’s nothing wrong with DIYing your brand and website — until it’s no longer working for you. Here are three reasons you should consider working with a brand designer to level up.

Our first Ask Alexia entry: Where to find imagery for brand design projects and how to use them correctly. Learn how to avoid copyright issues and still use beautiful photos!

This design course was the best decision I ever made for myself. Actually, it isn’t a course… it’s Camp. Ready to roast some ‘mallows together?

You’ve met Alexia, now it’s time to hear how Studio Alexia came into being. Grab a London fog and take a seat with me. It’s storytime.

Hi, friend, and welcome to my journal! Here’s a little about me + what to expect from this blog.