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Sharing your artful story with the world through thoughtful brand and website design — built with deep purpose.

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As freelancers, creatives, business-owners, dreamers... we know the importance of bringing our dream people through the door (AKA, our inquiry forms) through telling our unique stories. We also believe that excellence is worth a thousand words when it comes to our digital homes. That's why we help creative women like you handcraft the brand and website of your dreams through intentional + aesthetic design, so you can thrive how you were meant to.

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Need a DIY — yet stunning — solution for your digital home but not ready for the investment? Try on one of our house-made, Studio Ghibli-inspired Showit templates for size and see how it suits you. Built with love and dripping with intention, our templates are proof that a semi-custom site can be juuuust right for your business.




If you're reading this, it's time to upgrade from that logo you built on Canva in 2019. Give your dream people a taste of your unique magic through a dreamy brand identity built with deep purpose, meant to highlight what makes you stand out from the rest — your heart.




Throw out your mypixiesite and linktree websites — you and your people deserve more! We'll take you to the next level with a sparkly new website that aligns to the heartfelt brand we build together, with the goal of creating loyal devotees out of your site's visitors.




We have a variety of new resources for creatives and service providers — so no matter your skill level, you have thoughtfully-created products that you can incorporate into your own client process and start wowing them. Our shop has three InDesign templates, one Notion template, and one steal of a bundle.

We're always welcoming new projects to work magic on. Inquire today and let's make dream up a new chapter for your business that finally feels like home. We'll take good care of it, promise.



We've all been there before: staring at your logo, website, preset, portfolio, you name it — and knowing it doesn't align with you anymore. Feeling deeply in your soul that this isn't the best representative of your business that you could be putting out there — but you have no idea where to start, and thus, nothing changes.

Well, we want to change that! We firmly believe in you, and know that your logo and website can be immeasurably excellent. We want to help you align your business to your heart, cultivate the vibe for your people, and watch your life be transformed by the magic of purposeful & aesthetic design. Let the thriving begin.

a new era of your business

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a new era

of your business


"Alexia strives to create a brand that emphasizes their personality and values rather than trying to fit a brand in a cookie cutter box! You can tell that she loves what she does and she made the whole process so fun for me! I loved how friendly and welcoming the whole process was... She treats her clients like her best friends and is so loving throughout the whole process!"

"She treats her clients like her best friends!"


"Alexia, I cannot even express how thankful I am for you to have been the creator of this project! I am in awe of your creativity, and love every single piece SO much! Seriously, no words. You are so talented. I'm actually at a loss for words."

"I'm actually at a loss for words."


"She was so consistent in her communication with me and in her ability to make adjustments to different parts of the brand identity as I requested. I felt as though she had genuine interest in making my brand come to life the way I wanted, and not in any other way. She was also just the sweetest soul the entire time we have worked together and her patience never wavered! I am so thankful!"

"She was just the sweetest soul the entire time."


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Hi friend — I'm

I'm an English Literature major who turned into a self-taught brand and web designer, running this sweet little studio solo with the help of copious London fogs and an immeasurable love for what I do. I'm passionate about the loveliness of words, appreciating beautiful things, and seeing all of the good in humans — so, I'd say I'm in the right profession! Aaand I'm always ready to make more friends. Ready to become besties?

Here are some of our lovely clients who have trusted us with their brands. From photographers to copywriters to Pinterest managers to lash salons, we've had a wide variety of clients — all of whom we've cherished working with. The best part of it all is getting to know your heart, as we put it into your brand for the world to see and cherish, too.

We are forever grateful to the extremely talented ladies who have put their faith in Studio Alexia to make their dreams come true through the magic of intentional brand and web design. You're why we do this! To see you thrive exactly how you were made to.



The Designer's

Your Brand design starter kit:

I created the bundle I wish I had access to when I was first starting my design journey. Whether you're a seasoned design vet or brand new to the scene, this bundle of shop items will be an answered prayer for your client process.



If you're dying to know the tea on life as a freelance designer, wanting to feel seen through candid conversations about creative life, or needing some design-related questions answered, this is the place for you. The Studio Alexia Journal is where I get real about all things design, creative life, and more. Welcome home, my friend.