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Studio Alexia.

Studio Alexia is a one-gal brand and web design studio, helping kind-hearted, creative women build homes for their businesses so they can thrive in all of their authenticity. We design with a foundation of deep strategy and intention, pouring love and individuality into every corner of your digital space.

The hope isn't just to bring in your dream clients... though, that is a perk! We also want you to feel at home in your business, in every sense of the word. Through handcrafting a brand and web experience that's unique to you and your people, we create a space that feels undeniably you. Say hello to only aligned business moves, and forget all the messy rest.

If you're a creative or service provider dreaming of a business that feels aligned to your heart and soul... welcome home.

I'm not the kind of girl who picked up a paintbrush at age three and knew she was destined to be in a creative industry. But I am the kind of girl who knows a good thing when she sees it, and I know this job was nothing short of a blessing.

So all I can do now is love my job with all of my heart, do it excellently, and thank the Lord that He led me to the job of my dreams, even though I didn't know exactly what that was when I prayed for it. My soul is filled to the brim every single day that I get the honor of helping other women see their dreams come to fruition.

If you want the unfiltered version of how this studio came to be, you can sign up for our email list and hear the story — which, strangely, starts on a treadmill.

I am so happy you're here with me!

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meet the founder —


Hi friend! I'm Alexia. I choose to believe that life isn't "either/or" — it's "both/and". I resonate with both Posh Spice and Baby Spice. I have an easily-drained social battery, and still I never get sick of being with my best friends. I keep it professional, and I always want my clients to feel like they're my friends. I'm deeply opinionated, and yet I can never choose a "favorite" anything.

Speaking of my favorite things... where do I even start? I love my job as junior designer for KETZ, watching Studio Ghibli movies, making niche Spotify playlists, reading for fun, overusing the love letter emoji [💌], trashy reality TV shows, hugging my best friends, and so much more.

Secretly, I think the key to life is adoring absolutely everything. Care to join me?


"a mix of Rachel Green & Monica Geller who loves all things cozy & pretty."



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What fills my heart to the brim:

→ Haters — we don't tolerate rudeness, judgment, or unkind behavior in this studio. Sweetness only!

→ Unappreciative of the creative process and how it's meant to play out for the best, most aligned results

→ Those with ghosty tendencies. Punctuality and communication are the keys to a smooth project!

→ Unsure about what's truly right for their business journey, but go for it anyways because YOLO

→ The kind to make big decisions on a 2am impulse... we value wise, aligned decision-making around here!


Studio Alexia gals

♡ Passionate about what they offer to the world and are ready to put the spotlight on their unique magic

♡ Appreciative of the little joys, like the scent of your favorite candle, smiles from strangers, and game nights

♡ Firm believers in the "treat people with kindness" motto [and love Harry Styles a healthy amount]

♡ Confident in their vision for their business (or are at least willing to figure it out in the process)

♡ The kind to keep their head in the clouds, always dreaming up the best possible kind of life


Studio Alexia gals

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If you're dying to know the tea on life as a freelance designer, wanting to feel seen through candid conversations about creative life, or needing some design-related questions answered, this is the place for you. The Studio Alexia Journal is where I get real about all things design, creative life, and more. Welcome home, my friend.