words from Sierra's heart:

We love our clients and we are so thankful for each and every one of you. You're the reason we do this — from hearing your "why" on discovery calls, to the stories of your success after you launch, and every encounter in between... We cherish every moment with you. Thank you for giving me the best job in the world. xox, Alexia

Sierra came to me wanting to completely level up her brand and launch a website that properly represented all that she had to offer. As a photographer tired of the everyday sessions and ready to transition into high-ticket luxury wedding clients, we knew the Dream Launch would be the right package to completely reposition herself as a refined & artful wedding photographer and get the new site launched ASAP.

We designed her branding with a refined eye, opting for a more elegant and neutral color palette, along with script and serif fonts that screamed luxury. We then customized her website to perfection and wrote copy that we knew would draw in her romantic clientele.

LOCATION: Macon, Georgia

brand and web design

Sierra Williams Photography

"This project has been a breeze and I wouldn’t have wanted to hire anyone else to take these tasks off of my hands. Also, LOVED the project experience through Notion. It has been an excellent process and experience!

OH MY GAHHHHH!! This is so freaking good! This website is literally everything I’ve dreamed of. I think I’m still trying to recover from getting off the floor bc I died when I saw it!"


COMPLETED: 09/15/2023

the heart behind the design: