words from Molly's heart:

Molly is a breath of fresh air. Sunny, welcoming, warm, and real. So it was only right that we crafted her brand + web experience to communicate all the same feelings.

You can almost taste the salty air of her beachy brand identity, with a fresh twist that keeps it super clean and intentional. Though we fixed up a Showit template for her digital home, there's not one page that wasn't completely curated to allow her light to shine unapologetically. The copy is saturated with kindness and intentionality — just like her very own words. Her heart is around every corner of this visual solution.


brand and web design

Molly Lynn Photography

"As I was getting ready to close the door on branding because I couldn’t afford it at the time Alexia followed me on Instagram and it stopped me in the tracks. I thought to myself “why am I not investing?” I beg those searching for a photographer to invest in their products, so why am I not doing the same?

Alexia soon became my friend after that. I say friend because that’s exactly what she is. We’ve never met in person, but to know her is to love her and her work. She is kind, valuable, and most importantly patient. I just started a new job when we started my onboarding process. I was overwhelmed. I felt I was in over my head. Alexia stepped in and said, “I’ve got this, worry about you.” The rest is history. I now have a brand that reflects my business — and me. 

You may think I’m being dramatic, and that’s because I am. Anything for you to try to understand why you need to work with her. She is SO talented. I waited for my sign, and there she was. Don’t let an investment turn you away, I promise it has made so much of a difference in my confidence as a business owner & fellow creative!"


COMPLETED: 12/31/2022

the heart behind the design:

We love our clients and we are so thankful for each and every one of you. You're the reason we do this — from hearing your "why" on discovery calls, to the stories of your success after you launch, and every encounter in between... We cherish every moment with you. Thank you for giving me the best job in the world. xox, Alexia