words from Lauren's heart:

We love our clients and we are so thankful for each and every one of you. You're the reason we do this — from hearing your "why" on discovery calls, to the stories of your success after you launch, and every encounter in between... We cherish every moment with you. Thank you for giving me the best job in the world. xox, Alexia

Lauren's story is so genuine, and she is such a kind soul. Every part of her branding was so fun, sweet, and down-to-earth — just like her! We wanted to ensure that the aesthetic of her photography style was infused in the brand identity, and therefore all across her website and various touch points, too.

Though the branding has some pops of vibrancy (hello to a gorgeous bubblegum pink and baby blue!), the foundation is reliant on the beautiful creamy neutrals. This mimics the color and vibe of her portfolio for consistency across the board. The website is an editorial, sweet, and sophisticated dream, built off of a Showit template with a totally custom feel.

LOCATION: Abilene, Texas

brand and web design

Lauren Alaniz Photography

"My experience with Alexia has been AMAZING! I was fairly picky when it came to reviewing work - although it was LOVELY as is, and she took all off my criticism with so much grace and adapted to what I asked without hesitation and made my vision come to life!! I never once felt like I was bothering her or that she felt offended at the few adjustments I requested.

She was also just the sweetest soul the entire time we have worked together and her patience never wavered! I am so thankful! She was amazing through and through and I am so happy I chose to invest in working with her!"


COMPLETED: 03/03/2023

the heart behind the design: